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Beautiful Awning

By: non-member | August 1, 2014

We have a large bright awning that covers our South facing deck. For the past 5 years we could only enjoy it when there was no sun covering the deck. The umbrella would never stay put.
Now we can enjoy our deck all day long--and we are! Breakfast and Lunch on the weekend feel wonderful to be outside thanks to our new awning.

Craft-Bilt saved my life!

By: Randy | July 9, 2014

this was a tornado that happened at our house last week(July 2/14).
It came out of nowhere and lasted about 15 minutes.

I was outside(under the 4 inch panel Craft-Bilt awning) watching the storm.
All of a sudden an ash tree beside the house, snapped off about 1/2 way up.
It was at least a foot around and a very heavy tree. It came crashing down right on top of the awning before I could even react. If the awning had of come down on top
of me, I would have been crushed by the weight of it and the tree. It didn't even budge and showed no damage at all(not even a dent). Unbelievable...
Craft-Bilt saved my life...Thank-you...

Randy Rutledge

PS: We had this installed last year by a local contractor(Harry at Wind O World in Bobcaygeon, Ontario)
and just love it. We get severe winds in this area but this structure has been rock solid. We constantly get
compliments on how it looks and how well built it is. Recently one of our neighbors was so impressed that
they got one as well. Keep up the good work and thanks again!

Thank You for great service

By: Elisa Leonard | June 12, 2014

I wanted to send a note to thank your company for the great service we received when we decided to have our existing awning refurbished. The company that we originally purchased our awning from in 2002 had gone out of business but your staff were happy to help us out when I called to inquire about getting the awning fabric replaced as it had become ruined by a nearby tree (and age in general). Helen explained the process to me and Tracey organized both the removal of the old awning and mechanism and the replacement which happened today.

Your staff showed up during the timeframe they promised and took care of both the removal and replacement quickly, professionally and were very courteous. The awning looks good as new and was worth every penny paid to have it replaced. We use it every day of the warmer months and it acts as the "roof" to our deck, creating an outdoor room that allows us to enjoy more outdoor space. What a positive experience all around! We are so...



By: kryspaul | March 12, 2012

ZERO STARS!! Do not purchase awnings from this fraudulent company. Please do your homework and investigate Dan Barron, Heritage Awnings Co., and any address listed. This is another new address and another new format for his company name. We didn't do our homework, trusted another on-line review forum, and it has cost us not just financially, but we now have difficulty trusting any business. This non-existent business takes cash only for a deposit and whatever you give he takes and you will not receive your product. He took a hefty deposit and promised us awnings in 10 - 12 weeks. It has been one year (ordered April 2011) and we have had to file a Small Claims Court claim. To date no refund and no awnings. We are trying to prevent others from making this mistake! Ask him to fully install the awnings and then pay him. That may work. Good Luck!

Heritage Awning CO

56 Bramsteele Rd #4 Brampton, ON

category: Awnings - Manufacturers

macdonald awnings & signs kitchener ont

By: non-member | July 27, 2011

We had a very bad experience with this company.We have had one of there awnings for about 8 years and love it but we had trouble with the convertor that brings the awning in and out and had to have it replaced.After calling five times they finally came down to replace it.They told us it would cost $75.00 for the convertor and $85.0s for the house call.Last time this happened we went to Kitchener got the convertor and reprogramed it ourselves but this time they wouldn,t do that.They came down where here no longer that five minutes and left the next day we received a bill for $300.00.We were so upset and when I called them they said that it was a charge of $115.00 for them to reprogram the controller which took all of five minutes and they left.We will never deal with these crooks again.

MacDonald Awnings

125 Weber St. W. Kitchener, ON

category: Awnings - Manufacturers

Happy Parents for over 13 years -...

By: AngeloDR | March 10, 2011

My parents bought an awning 13 years ago from Rolltec and are still enjoying using their awning after all this time. My husband and I wanted to get them a new awning last year for their 50th Anniversary but when we told them what we were going to do, they wouldn't let us. They kept saying that it's perfect and they dont want a new one. They love their awning and won't part with it for the world! I can't believe it's lasted so long but I guess Rolltec really knows their stuff and has the highest quality products they say they do. Thanks to Rolltec for keeping my parents happy and protected for so many years. We've reccommended Rolltec to friends and family and no one has ever been disappointed with this company.

Craft-Bilt on Awnings

When we consider fabric shade products, we typically think of retractable patio awnings and window awnings. Patio awnings have large folding arms that keep the fabric tight as it rolls in and out over your deck. Window Awnings come in many styles: traditional fixed awnings with closed sides, roll out awnings with hinged arms and curved awnings (also known as basket, ribbed, rounded or, quarter ball awnings).

Patio awnings, also known as lateral arm awnings, are offered in many models to meet every budget. Options include: electric motors with remote control, hood covers, lighting and telescopic poles to support the really big projections. A retractable canopy can be ordered three ways: free standing, attached to your house (wall mount), or installed underneath your existing pergola. Buying a canopy for a pergola is a great idea, after all, you invested all that time and money to build it but you can't use it when it's raining or too hot. Under pergola canopies add that elegant finishing touch to your pergola project.

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